Skallen Goods Journey


My name is Wojtek.
I am the person behind Skallen Goods.My family is my biggest inspiration and nature is right behind it
With the help and support from my lovely wife, with all the joy from our son Ignacy and all the disruptions from our savage cat Ursula. We are delivering the highest quality leather goods with a lifetime guarantee. All our products are handmade in our small workshops based in Poland and Dublin Ireland
After floating around in the different seas of interests, I finally found my port, which is leathercrafting and everything around it. My grandmother and grandfather were both cobblers and shoemakers and I always had a bigger than usual interest in leather. I didn't exactly know why, but I guess it is part of my DNA. When I became older I started to connect all the dots - I love handmade stuff, I love the wilderness and everything around it, so all of this made me decide to give it a go.
From the moment I first cut a leather piece with some old utility knife and started to sew it after, I fell in love with the craft. I decided that I will KEEP HERITAGE ALIVE this way.
So that is the whole story so far, the next chapters await to be written.
Thanks for spending your time reading this.
By the way, occasionally you will also be able to find some quality accessories and clothing in our shop as well.

Thanks for the support!