I would like to say a big  THANK YOU ! for buying from Skallen Goods 

By buying our products you are supporting an independent craftsman and helping us to KEEP HERITAGE ALIVE.


 Processing Time and Shipping


As mentioned above all my leather goods are handmade. 

Since we craft all our pieces we offer you the possibility to customize your order, combining different types of leather and threading. All the threads and colours will be available in our list .If you are looking for a specific piece simply get in touch and let us know what your vision is, and we will create it. 

In order to guarantee full satisfaction the delivery time of the piece may vary according to the size and type of the product and the amount of orders we have at the moment. 

Unless the items are marked as “Ready to Ship” it may range from a few days until 2 / 3 weeks for you to receive your order. 

There might be tiny delays during busy periods, if that happens we will let you know beforehand, but I am always doing my best to deliver everything on time. 

Post and Shipping expenses will be additional and depending on where the customer is based and the size and weight of the piece to be sent. 



Every Skallen Goods item is made with passion and to last for generations. 

We are offering a  lifetime guarantee on our stitching and free repairs.

If there is any other issue with your piece, simply contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it for you ( I've got your back)  However, if any of our products is bit by a shark, a Kodiak bear or was thrown in the fire, we might not be able to help ;) 

We also can't control the patina process, that is what real leather is all about. Patina is the name given to the beautiful process of leather ageing. It is a big part of the main charm of having a leather piece for years, creating every item unique story. Factors like exposure to sunlight, scars, natural wear and the contact with your natural skin oils will all be part of that beautiful and personal process. You will have your own imprint in the piece as the years go by and it will become even more unique. 


Refunds / Exchanges

All sales are final , however we like to think that nothing is unsolvable, so if by any chance you are not happy with your order(which is unlikely ) simply contact us right away and we will see what we can do.

Before leaving a bad feedback, contact us directly please. Each case is a case and this is a personal business, so we always like to help our customers the best way we can at all times. 


Shipping times




Rest of the World:


I will not hold responsibility for any customs charges, import duty and taxes that might apply, as well as for delays caused by this, since these are elements beyond our control. 


Thank you so much once again for buying from us and supporting our small independent workshop. We really appreciate it.


Best of luck,

Skallen Goods

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